Case study: municipal website design for Lac Ste. Anne County

Municipal Website Design

We helped Lac Ste. Anne County communicate more effectively with a new CMS-driven website.

Located an hour northwest of Edmonton, Lac Ste. Anne County is a vibrant and diverse collection of rural communities in the heart of Alberta. Like many rural municipalities, Lac Ste. Anne needed help creating a solid and scalable communications program, with the new website at its core. The sitemap is a key starting point when realigning a website with deep and layered content like Lac Ste. Anne County. We collaborated with client stakeholders to create an information hierarchy that made navigation far more intuitive, and that eliminated duplicate or irrelevant content. We then massaged legacy content

and wrote new content to give the website a clear and cohesive voice. We developed the new site in an open-source CMS, which gave the client freedom to engage multiple vendor sources for any future maintenance needs. Third-party modules like surveys, interactive forms, social media feeds and event calendars were integrated to enhance stakeholder engagement. Professional photography was utilized to great effect on this project, helping to tell an engaging and authentic story about this diverse rural region and those who call it home.

What services did we provide?

  • Sitemap Development
  • Copywriting/Editing
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Development
  • Content Migration
  • Location Photography
  • API Integration
  • Hosting Maintenance and Security
  • Domain Management

What was the outcome?

Thanks to clean code, optimized content and dedicated cloud hosting, this new website is fast, efficient and exceptional at delivering relevant content to the right municipal stakeholders. It helps the client conduct business, showcase the region to visitors, and position the County shoulder-to-shoulder with its municipal neighbours.

“Tangent Civic expertly guides our regional public and media relations in perfect alignment with our strategic goals. I’m happy to endorse Tangent Civic for their professional and effective ongoing management of our strategic communications initiatives.”

Robert Osmond | Chief Financial Officer, Lac Ste. Anne County

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