Punch above your weight class.

Our story is built on hard work, creativity and client trust. Everything we do is focused on helping rural municipalities excel.

Telling a compelling story matters. From the daily grind to critical events, opportunities exist to engage, inform, educate and influence change. But do you have the tools, insights and skill sets to make these things happen?


We guide organizations in their pursuit of cleaner brand assets, clearer messaging, and better ways to communicate across the board. In a time of heightened expectations and dwindling resources and we bring more back to the table.


Punch above your weight class.

Communicating effectively is a necessity for any municipality. From day-to-day business to crisis communications, there are constant daily needs to engage, inform, educate and conduct business across multiple departments and media channels. But many organizations lack the specialized personnel and vendor relationships required to meet these needs consistently and professionally. That’s where we come in.

We focus on clients who lack the in-house staff to manage all aspects of a communications program, but who still need to communicate well. These organizations need hands-on help with daily tasks both large and small. They need commonsense strategies, effortless workflows, and business tools scaled to their specific needs.



Our municipal communications model ensures that we dynamically configure our teams to put the right sets of expertise in place to respond to client needs quickly and cost-effectively. The benefit to our clients is diverse, dedicated and professional support at a fraction of the cost of staffing an in-house communications department.

Dedicated Expertise

Having worked closely with local governments across Western Canada for more than a decade, we’ve become experts at navigating the ever-shifting waters of municipal media. We leverage this niche knowledge and experience into practical, progressive and resourceful programs to the net benefit of our clients.

Specialized Skill Sets

We’re are at the top of our fields in brand strategy, web development, writing, design, public engagement and more. That means one sole source to manage an entire spectrum of print, web, interactive and broadcast media. You’d be hard pressed to find such a diverse and complementary group of experts anywhere else.

Real-Time Response

We provide ongoing services to our municipal clients, not just one-off deliverables. Working as an extension of their in-house resources, we lend as much or as little support as required. This means daily, hands-on media expertise, strategic counsel and known deliverables throughout the course of our engagement with you.

“From managing our media and mentoring our in-house resources to providing hands-on assistance during critical events, Tangent Civic helps the MD of Lesser Slave River with all aspects of its communications program. Enhanced professionalism, efficiency and community engagement are all by-products of their ongoing involvement with our municipality.”

Allan Winarski
Chief Administrative Officer, MD of Lesser Slave River

Our Services




Strength in Numbers

We work in partnership with Communo, a vetted collective of specialists in disciplines like public relations, videography, animation, illustration, photography, media planning, copywriting, app development, HR consultancy and more. It’s an excellent synergy for our team, and clients benefit in knowing that our municipal offering is backed by a larger consortium of contingent communications professionals ready to assist as required.